Corporate Social Responsibility

With any company’s success, responsibility arises towards its environs, the society in which it operates. Responsibility, which the company itself perceives and which is also expected and sometimes loudly demanded by its fellow citizens. Responsibility, which ultimately becomes a key factor for a truly sustainable prosperity of the company.

RCPL has experience with professionalizing each phase of the company’s CSR: starting from baseline analysis, through strategy and capacity building, to setting transparent processes for project selection and evaluation.

Composition of CSR Committee of the Board

The CSR Committee of the Board comprises Mr. Neelesh Agrawal (Chairman), Mr. Vishal Agrawal and Mr. Vaibhav Agrawal.

RCPL’s CSR Programmes

RCPL’s CSR programs make use of the company’s resources to aid underserved communities with education, healthcare and economic empowerment.

RCPL believes education is the basic right of every citizen of the Country & its main focus is to provide education in those areas where education facility needs more concentration.

RCPL’s CSR programme for education, provides support to young learners by ensuring holistic development in education infrastructure and services. The programme focusses on the academic, physical and social development of students, in conjunction with value education. It facilitates their mentoring by professionals who are experts in their subjects of interest.

The key projects under RCPL include

Scholarships to underprivileged Tribal Children

School infrastructure improvement

Co-curricular activities

Healthcare facility to underprivileged patients suffering from diseases like Cancer